A People’s Assembly Will Emerge from the World Masses. An Appeal by the World Citizens

On September 1948, Robert Sarrazac, a former soldier engaged in the French Resistance and founder of the “Human Front of World Citizens”, constitutes a Solidarity Council to support the cause of Garry Davis, a voluntarily countryless activist who took refuge at the Trocadero in Paris, then a territory temporarily under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.

On November 19, 1948, the two men solemnly interrupted the UN General Assembly held at the Palais de Chaillot to read the statement attributed to Albert Camus: “We, the people, want the peace that only a world government can give. [...] If you miss this task, step aside, a People’s Assembly will emerge from the world masses”. This act, according to Sarrazac, “poses to the General Assembly of the United Nations and in front of public opinion the problem of the election of a People’s World Assembly, directly elected, not only to express the will for peace of the world masses, but to give substance and power to world sovereignty, of which they are in fact the sole owners”. In 2018, the need for a “People’s Assembly” is more evident than ever. The world’s economic, social and environmental challenges require world democratic institutions with the highest legitimacy. We appeal to each of you to make a commitment today to prepare the events of November 17-18-19, 2018. Registration and information on the sites




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