Year XXXIII, Number 2, July 2020

My Life as a World Federalist


Lucy Law Webster
Honorary officer in Citizens for Global Solutions and active member in the Presbyterian church in Cooperstown, NY

The EU and the Double Emergency

Borderless Debate

Roberto Palea
Member and former President of the Centre for Studies on Federalism; member of the Italian Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (IAERE)

Don’t Close Borders against Coronavirus

Borderless Debate

Michele Ruta and Aaditya Mattoo
Michele Ruta is Lead economist in the Macroeconomics, Trade & Investment Global Practice at the World Bank
Aaditya Mattoo is Chief economist, East Asia and Pacific Region of the World Bank.

After the Coronavirus Tsunami: It Is Time for the Eurobonds

Borderless Debate

Alfonso Iozzo and Alberto Majocchi
Alfonso Iozzo is President of the Centre for Studies on Federalism and Vice President of Robert Triffin International.
Alberto Majocchi is Emeritus Professor of Finance at the University of Pavia and Vice President of the Centre for Studies on Federalism.

The International Clout Acquired by Beijing

Books Reviews

Adriana Castagnoli
Historian of Economy, editorialist of the daily “Il Sole-24 Ore”, former teacher in Contemporary and Economic History at the University of Torino, member of the European Business History Association and Business History Conference (USA)

Garry Davis, Citizen of the World

Books Reviews

Michel Herland
Economist, honorary professor at the Universities of Aix-en-Provence and at the University of the Antilles and Guiana, member of the UEF-South France (PACA) and member of the editorial board of Fédéchoses

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