Strengthening Civil Society at UN Level and Improving UEF-WFM Cooperation

The Union of European Federalists welcomes the World Citizens’ initiative aimed at the establishment, at the UN level, of an instrument enabling citizens to put forward proposals on key issues of global governance and reaffirms its support for this action. The UEF strongly believes in the need for strengthening citizen’s participation as well as civil society organisations’ involvement at the UN level for the improvement of global governance, peace, planet-friendly and people-centred sustainable development as well as justice and resilience in a digital world. The unexpected COVID 19 pandemic reminds us all that only engaged, responsible and well-informed global citizens can effectively address the major challenges of the new era and contribute to a more just and equitable world, sharing the rapid and transformative technological and digital advances towards a better life for all citizens. It goes without saying that the establishment at UN level of a permanent structure ensuring citizens’ participation is crucial for the improvement of global governance, the promotion of inclusive and just ecological transition, eradicating poverty, achieving a sustainable world by 2030 and beyond, with human well-being and a healthy planet at its core.

In this context, the UEF

-  reaffirms its commitment to strengthen cooperation with the World Federalist Movement and develop a new common agenda with concrete initiatives aimed at tackling new global challenges and promoting peace, sustainability, citizens’ participation and global democracy;

-  encourages the UEF members to participate in the Transnational Working Groups of the WFM, in order to develop common actions on global issues such as global security, migration, artificial intelligence, international terrorism and organized crime and so forth;

-  recommends the creation of a joint UEF-WFM task force in charge of the responsibility to identify areas of mutual cooperation and promote joint initiatives.

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