Year XXXV, Number 1, March 2022

Editorial Note

Editorial Note

Due to the rapid movement of events in Ukraine, we could not produce out usual long-term editorial from a European federalist point of view.  We realize that confining ourselves to condemnation of war is not enough. We perceive that a new world order will spring from the ashes of war, but we are unable, for the time being, to draw up its contour lines. We apologize with our readers if we cannot offer a well-pondered text. We will return to the subject in the next issue.

The Alluring Growth of Illiberal Democracies in Eastern Europe


Adriana Castagnoli 
Historian and economist, is a columnist for "Il Sole 24 Ore". She investigates geopolitical and economic relations at a global level. She has taught Contemporary and Economic History at the University of Turin. Her most recent publications include Il lungo addio.

Requirements for a European Defense*

Borderless Debate

Antonio Padoa-Schioppa 
Emeritus Professor of History of Law at the University of Milan, Italy. Former President of the Centre for Studies on Federalism

Our Homeland Is the Whole World

Book Reviews

Gary K. Shepherd 
Editor of the review United World

Lorenzo Marsili 
Planetary Politics: A Manifesto 

New Polity Press, Steubenville, OH, 2020

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