Year XXXVI, Number 1, March 2023

Federal Europe Is the Solution


Nicola Vallinoto
Congress Vice-Chair of the World Federalist Movement. Editor of the International Democracy Newsletter

An Absolute Leader for a New Era


Adriana Castagnoli
Historian and economist, she is a columnist for "Il Sole 24 Ore". She investigates geopolitical and economic relations at a global level. She has taught Contemporary and Economic History at the University of Turin. Her most recent publications include Il lungo addio.

Low Intensity Conflicts in South Asia


James A. Williams Arputharaj 
President of South Asian Federalists; Former EC member of WFM; Coordinator for India for the Campaign for UN Parliamentary Assembly; Senior Fellow, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi

Cryptocurrencies without Rules


Mario Platero 
Columnist for la Repubblica, Guarantor for the Italian edition of The New York Times, President Gruppo Esponenti Italiani New York, Chairman Palazzo Strozzi Foundation USA

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