Vilnius NATO Summit: Unconditional Support for Ukraine Is Paramount to Protect Europe’s Future

The UEF regrets NATO’s failure to ensure a clear path for Ukraine’s accession to the Alliance. The future of Europe is being decided on the Ukrainian battlefields. Should our neighbours fall to the Russian aggressor, the safety and well-being of all Europeans will be at risk.

The Union of European Federalists (UEF), in its February 2023 Resolution on a Victorious Ukraine in a Federal Europe[i], called for a new security architecture for Europe through the development of a Defense Union and overcoming unanimity votes on Foreign and Security Policies at the Council.

The NATO alliance will undeniably play a vital role in this security architecture we call for. For this reason, we ask the leaders of the Alliance to extend the invitation and offer Ukraine unconditional guarantees for accession once the war is over. In parallel to the country’s accession to the European Union, the entrance of Ukraine to NATO will strengthen our collective security.

At the occasion of the UEF’s theme day on the Vilnius summit[ii], UEF President Sandro Gozi said: “as Federalists, we strongly support Ukraine’s NATO membership. It is clear that Ukraine’s future is in the EU and NATO. And granting NATO membership at the end of the war is the only way to safeguard Ukraine’s independence in the long run and the overall security of the Atlantic Alliance, especially, of course, in our continent”.

As the NATO Summit concludes without offering sufficient guarantees for Ukraine’s accession, the UEF encourages the leaders of the Alliance to review their position at their next meeting, and reiterates its own unwavering support to the defending nation.

Anna Echterhoff

Secretary-General of the UEF

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Brussels, 13 July 2023


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