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“The Federalist Debate” stems from a need to bring together federalists and members of the political, economic, social, environmental, cultural and NGO domains that are immersed in issues of global importance, with the aim of circulating information and fostering discussions on the federalist political agenda to be implemented at the continental and global level. “The Federalist Debate” aims to encourage debate in a borderless environment. Federalism is being championed as the form of statehood allowing for the oneness of humankind within the respect of diversity, the only one permitting legality to prevail over the brute violence of nationalism, hence setting the scene for peace. The goal this dialog has is not only to provide theoretical analyses, but also to promote a political action for international democracy, peace and social justice.


Each issue of “The Federalist Debate” features a collection of Comments concerning events of relevance at the international level seen from the federalist viewpoint. An important part of the magazine is dedicated to a debate, which sees federalists confront each other on a specific topic. Ample space is given to the action that federalists are undertaking in different parts of the world. Other sections are dedicated to news and notes, interviews and Letters to the editor.

“The Federalist Debate” is published three times a year by the Einstein Center for International Studies, thanks to the contribution of the Centro Studi sul Federalismo. They form a joint editorial board with the task to demonstrate they are able to promote, in a more efficient way than in the past, a real borderless debate. The opinions expressed here are those of the authors only and do not necessarily reflect the position of the sponsoring organizations.

Together with the TFD, we publish the International Democracy Newsletter, which is delivered to over 4000 addresses. The Newsletter provides updates on the European and world campaigns on international democracy, peace, the protection of human rights and the environment, the reform of international (UN, WHO, WTO, etc.) and regional (EU, AU, etc.) organizations, the international monetary system reform, and the Tobin tax and the web tax.

Why that cover?

It shows the great regions of the world: they are the backdrop against which the federalist action will unfold in an effort to establish federal Unions, as shown by the example of the European Union; each one of them will be part of the future World Federal Union.

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