Year XXXIII, Number 3, November 2020

Democracy in Danger


Lucio Levi
Member of UEF Federal Committee, former President of UEF Italy



Enrique Barón Crespo
Member of the Spanish Congreso de los Diputados (1977-87), Constitutional Father, Former President of the European Parliament (1989-1992) and member of it (1986-2008), President of UEF-Spain

The EU’s Court of Justice Judgement Relaunches the Debate on Taxation


Alain Réguillon and Alain Malégaire
Alain Réguillon: President of the Maison de l’Europe et des Européens, Lyon, former President of UEF France
Alain Malégaire: Former Director General of the Euro Institute in Lyon, member of a group of experts entitled “GroupEuro” at the European Commission

The Great Anticipator


Mario Calvo-Platero
Columnist for la Repubblica, Guarantor for the Italian edition of the New York Times, President Gruppo Esponenti Italiani New York, Chairman Palazzo Strozzi Foundation USA

A Safety Net for Africa: towards an African Monetary Fund

Borderless Debate

Dominique de Rambures, Alfonso Iozzo, Annamaria Viterbo
Dominique de Rambures: Honorary Chairman of the Euro Banking Association and former Chairman of the ECU Banking Association
Alfonso Iozzo: President of the Centre for Studies on Federalism and Vice President of Robert Triffin International, former Chairman of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti
Annamaria Viterbo: Associate Professor of International Law at the University of Torino and Affiliate of Collegio Carlo Alberto, Torino

A Plan to Address the Debt Crisis

Books Reviews

Adriana Castagnoli
Historian of Economy, editorialist of the daily Il Sole-24 Ore, former teacher in Contemporary and Economic History at the University of Torino, member of the European Business History Association and Business History Conference (USA)

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