EU Foreign Ministries Launch the Group of Friends on Qualified Majority Voting in Common Foreign and Security Policy


On 4 May 2023, nine EU member states created an "inclusive group of friends" for Qualified Majority Voting on Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) matters.

This is what is announced in a press release of the German Foreign Ministry, according to which, in addition to Germany, the group includes Italy, Belgium, Finland, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain. Romania took part in the first informal meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs in Brussels, on 22 May, as an additional member of the Group of friends. 

The objective of the Group of friends is to improve effectiveness and speed in foreign-policy decision-making.

Against the backdrop of Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine and the growing international challenges facing the EU, the member countries of the group of friends are convinced that decision-making processes in EU foreign policy must be adapted in order to strengthen the Union as a global actor. Improving the decision-making process is also essential in view of other future objectives of the EU.

The group of friends intends to make concrete progress in matters of foreign and security policy on the basis of the norms already contained in the EU Treaty.

Group members will regularly take stock of and work closely with all EU member states and coordinate with EU institutions. Membership of the group is open to all member states that have an interest in improving decision-making processes in EU foreign policy, in particular through the increased use of qualified majority voting.

The group will transparently share the results of its deliberations with all member states.

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