Year XXXVI, Number 2, July 2023

How the EU Can Promote a New World Order


Alfonso Iozzo and Domenico Moro
Alfonso Iozzo: President of Centro Studi sul Federalismo; Vice-President of Robert Triffin International
Domenico Moro: Member of the CSF Board of Directors and Coordinator of the Security and Defence Research Area

On the Promises of the East African Federation


Wangari wa Ngai
 International development specialist, Lead of the Young World Federalists and the Sustainable
Growth and Green Transition workteam of the World Federalist Movement’s Transnational Working Group on Africa-Europe affairs.
Undergraduate student at Strathmore University in BA International Studies

18 Points to Restart Global Multilateralism Strengthening Regional Integration: the Case for Economic and Monetary Integration in Latina America

Borderless Debate

Alfonso Iozzo and Fabio Masini 
Alfonso Iozzo is President of Centro Studi sul Federalismo; Vice-President, Robert Triffin International
Fabio Masini is Professor of Theories and History of International Political Economy, Roma Tre University;
Jean Monnet Chair European Economic Governance; Secretary General Robert Triffin International; Managing Editor, Euractiv Italia


Piketty on the European Union

Book Reviews

Joseph Preston Baratta 
Professor of World History and International Relations at the Worcester State College, MA, USA


How Old Foes Have Reconciled

Book Reviews

Michel Herland
Economist, honorary professor at the Universities of Aix-en-Provence and at the University of the Antilles and Guiana,
member of the UEF-South France (PACA) and member of the editorial board of Fédéchoses


Anti-German Memory in France

Book Reviews

Giampiero Bordino
Professor in Contemporary History and Political Analyst, President of the Einstein Center for International Studies


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