24 February, European Resistance Day

Antonio Longo
Editor of The Ventotene Lighthouse and former editor of L’Unità europea


There is a clear connection between the Ukrainian Resistance and the process of European unification, which was born during the Resistance to Nazi-fascism in order to ensure peace among the European peoples through the sharing of sovereignty in different areas, through the creation of common institutions and policies. For years now Ukraine has chosen to be part of this process. 
The Resistance of Ukraine to Putin's war, which is a war to divide Europe, has therefore become that of all Europeans who no longer want to go back to a time when resorting to war was an option for states. Our call for European institutions to proclaim 24 February “European Resistance Day" has therefore a highly symbolic and political value: it brings together the Ukrainian Resistance and the fight for freedom, democracy and peace born in Europe in the dark years of the Resistance against Nazi-fascism.


To the European Parliament

To the European Commission

To the European Council


February 24, 2022, is the date that marks the return to a Europe of power politics, of war as a means of resolving disputes between states, of the Great-Russian nationalism as an ideology that seeks to justify the use of imperialism as a means to rule the World.

It is a war against the principle of European unity, a peaceful revolution that has made it possible for Europeans to live together with shared values and political institutions for 70 years.

The European Union, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, is the area of 'achieved peace' between peoples who have decided to share a common destiny.

Ukraine, a country under attack, has decided to join the European family.

Her struggle for independence, freedom and democracy is our struggle for European independence, freedom and democracy.

Her Resistance is our Resistance, her dead are our dead.

This is why we call on the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council to proclaim


                                   24 February, the European Resistance Day

                                   Long live Ukrainian Resistance!

                                   Long live European Unity!

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